Porcelain Ginger Jars

Porcelain Ginger Jars are steeped in centuries of Asian culture and history.  These jars are handmade and hand painted.  The round yellow “pearl” shaped jar was long used as an offering to the Emperor with wishes for a long and healthy life. The white Phoenix and Dragon jars continue to be a traditional wedding gift with double wishes to the bride and groom.

Colors and Sizes Available

We have carefully selected a range of these beautiful jars not just for their history and symbolism but for their enormous appeal.

3 ½” Pearl Shaped Porcelain Ginger Jar

4 ½” Pearl Shaped Porcelain Ginger Jar

6” Pearl Shaped Porcelain Ginger Jar

6” Fishtail Shaped Porcelain Ginger Jar

7” Fishtail Shaped Porcelain Ginger Jar

  • Yellow Jar with White Background Gold fishtail with white background


    Yellow jars were a traditional gift to China’s Emperor. Yellow was the Emperor’s color and both the gift of ginger and the inscription on the jars were a wish for Health and Long Life. No doubt your customers will feel it is a gift fit for royalty.

  • Chinrose Locks Ginger for Chinrose

    The red jars’ color and inscription symbolize a wish for happiness and prosperity to the recipient. The rich gold and blue accent make it a striking art object as well as a useful storage jar

  • Chinrose Locks Chinrose Locks

    This lovely jade is another traditional color of ginger jars. It is one of our favorites and adds a lively splash of color and an unmistakable oriental flair in any decorating scheme.

  • Gold Jar with white background

    The lustrous golden background with the delicately rendered floral motif is another favorite. Whether on the graceful pearl jar or the more elegant fishtail jar it is sure to please.

  • Ginger for Chinrose Black jar with white background

    The exquisite black background offset the subtly hued chrysanthemum pattern used to decorate these beautiful jars. It will add a touch of elegance to any home or business.


     Ginger for Chinrose

    This beautiful white jar continues to be a traditional Chinese wedding gift. Bearing the dragon (the groom) and the Phoenix (the bride) on either side, it offers wishes of happiness, prosperity and fertility to the new couple. Because of the strikingly rendered dragon and phoenix, it has proven to be a very popular item with Western shoppers


    Item Description Available Colors Pack Count
    3 ½” Pearl Shape (Y)Yellow (R)Red (J)Jade (B)Black (W)White 12
    4 ½” Pearl Shape (Y)Yellow (R)Red (J)Jade (G)Gold (B)Black (W)White 12
    6″ Pearl Shape (Y)Yellow (R)Red (J)Jade (G)Gold (B)Black (W)White) 12
    6″ Fishtail Shape (Y)Yellow (R)Red (J)Jade (G)Gold (W)White 12
    7″ Fishtail Shape (Y)Yellow (R)Red (G)Gold (B)Black (W)White 12

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